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Public relations has changed significantly in the last decade. It’s not just about press releases anymore. The race is on to create that earth-shattering campaign that elevates brands to the next level. And that’s what we do. We take advantage of every PR avenue to help tell a brand’s story. Whether it’s social media, traditional news coverage or event management, we capture the target audience.

We often see companies that use an intern to manage their social media. And for social media experts, this is like nails on a chalkboard. Sure… anyone can post on Facebook or Instagram, but it takes a marketing-minded team to develop the strategy behind an effective social media campaign.

Setting the mood

Every good social media campaign is visually appealing. Our first step is to establish a visual anchor by creating mood boards to set the tone.

Hom Mood Board
Thursday Plantation Mood Board

Thursday is the New Friday

Thursday Plantation, Australia’s top Tea Tree Oil brand needed an extensive plan to introduce their products to the American market. We designed and executed a strategy to build and launch the American branch from the bottom up. In less than a year, we have garnered nearly 10 million impressions for the brand.

Thursday Plantation Social Media Posts

Bloggers & Influencers

Companies can talk about themselves all day long, but it means so much more when a top influencer endorses the brand. We have leveraged our relationship with bloggers and influencers to extend our reach and gather user-generated content.

Instagram Users Thursday Plantation Posts

The Winning Combination

Who doesn’t want to be a winner? Contests have been around for a long time, but they have changed significantly with the social media craze. Not only can you use an online contest to increase engagement and build a fan base, but it’s also a must-have tool for lead generation.

Social Media Con

Drawing Connections

A little movement can have a big effect! We use bright and engaging animations to catch the eye of our audience and create variety in our social content strategy.

Thursday Plantation Instagram Gif's Back To School Campaign A For Effort
Thursday Plantation Instagram Gif's Back To School Campaign Easy as 1 2 3
Thursday Plantation Instagram Gif's Back To School Campaign Grab Your Thinking Cap
Did you know?


  • 71% of consumers who have had a good social media service experience with a brand are likely to recommend it to others.
  • 79% of American Internet users are on Facebook.
  • Social media impacts 3 out of 4 consumers purchasing decisions.


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