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package & label design

At Immotion Studios we are a packaging and label design agency that understands the power packaging has to increase both product awareness and sales. Our talented packaging and label designers have the experience and resources needed to enhance a brand’s potential. Whether developing a custom package design for a new product, or reinvigorating an existing one, we base our design direction on our proven branding process and an open, collaborative relationship with our clients.

Our packaging process includes:

  • Brand Distinction & Brand Positioning
  • Name Generation
  • Logo Development
  • Product Label Design Concepts/Trade Dress
  • Consumer Panel Testing
  • Food Styling & Food Photography
  • Custom Photography
  • Custom Illustrations
  • 3-D Mockups
  • Brand Style Guide Development
  • Label Design Mechanicals / Label Design Production
  • Pre-press Management

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Our Family Beef Jerkey
Superior Selections Products Packaging
Our Family Canned Vegetables
Our Family Drink Concentrate
Hemp Seeds
Best Choice Oils
Mama Kii
Our Family 90 second Rice
Our Family Skillet Dinners
Our Family Vinegars
Our Family Crackers
Our Family Rice
Did you know?


  • Nearly 60% of product decisions are made at the shelf
  • An average customer scans any retail shelf in just 20 seconds time or even less
  • You should evaluate, modify or re-design your packaging every 3 years

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