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Patti Nelson

Art Director & Food Stylist

pbandy@immotionstudios.com | 817-344-1969

Our Art Director extraordinaire has been with us since October 2004. Patti graduated from T.C.C. with a degree in Graphic Communication, a skill that she uses in our studio every week. She’s drawn to the visual impact of food as art and enjoys interpreting both the client and Creative Director’s vision. She mainly works on Nash Finch (now SpartanNash) but she works on art direction, proofing, photography, and styling for all of Immotion’s clients. Worker-bee Patti loves the variety of work and the people that she works with.

Always positive and upbeat, Patti enjoys playing with her dog and two cats. Patti loves photography so much, she even puts shoots together on the weekend, focusing on artist shots rather than commercial.

Follow Patti on Twitter @PB_Schatze

Patti Nelson Bandy

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