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It’s our belief that the true definition of a brand is evidence of distinction. It’s not just a logo, tagline or slogan; it’s not a marketing initiative or a campaign, it is a claim of distinction that only your company, organization or product can deliver. Without this evidence of distinction, a brand is only a label that identifies the product. We are a Branding Agency, that specializes in discovering those differentiators and in developing, building and nurturing your brand to become your most valuable asset.



BrandMotion™ is our proprietary 8-step process that sets your brand in motion. It has proven effective in growing businesses and brands by discovering their innate uniqueness for the past 20 years.

Brand Insight Assessment

1. Brand Insight Assessment

An online survey that examines the brand from the "inside-out"; measuring knowledge and attitudes of management, employees and channel partners. Take the Brand Assessment Test Now.

Brand Discovery

2. Brand Discovery

We examine the company, it's history, products, people and culture in order to unearth the claim of distinction and compelling evidence of its truth.

Brand Validation

3. Brand Validation

Once true essence of the brand is unveiled and strategies are defined, we go to the marketplace to validate them.

Market Planning

4. Market Planning

A review of the current audience, competitors and market trends.

Creative Development

5. Creative Development

Using the strategic road map from the aforementioned steps, at last the creative team can start their engines.

Internal Adoption

6. Internal Adoption

Immotion Studios will help build, refine and engage the brand from the inside out by evaluating and selecting internal touch points in order to create brand ambassadors.

External Adoption

7. External Adoption

Bringing the distinctions to life for external audiences through consistent messaging, visuals and positive interaction with the brand at every touch point.

Return on Investment

8. Return on Effort

Establishes a benchmark upon which to measure change in your brand's awareness and acceptance among internal and external audiences.

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