• 16 Nonprofits Compete to Win Marketing Services

    July 20th, 2015

    In May, we announced the Mission in Motion contest for local nonprofits. Through a partnership with the TCU School of Strategic Communication, we are awarding free branding/marketing services to three nonprofits in the DFW area.

    3 Social Media Sites You Need to Be On

    June 30th, 2015

    If you would have told me 10 years ago that there would be a National Social Media Day, I wouldn’t have believed you. But now that I’m a PR & Social Media intern at Immotion Studios, I could argue that every day could be a social media day.

    How Much Does it Cost to Make a Video?

    June 22nd, 2015

    So, how much does it cost to make a video? Its a question I generally relate with “How much does a car cost?” Does it have leather seats? Is it a V8 or a 4 banger? Do you want bluetooth installed at the factory?

    Let’s Write Pretty

    May 28th, 2015

    I officially have a new hobby. Calligraphy! I must admit... After seeing the trend of modern calligraphy come about, I've been slightly obsessed with it (no shame). I recently came across the Designroots calligraphy account on Instagram and have become super inspired by the classic art. I really love anything to do with type.

    The Road to the End of the First Week

    May 12th, 2015

    Written by Delaney Owen, Immotion Studios PR & Social Media Intern

    I sat in my dorm on my bed, with my laptop and thought to myself, “this is the perfect time to apply for a spring internship.”  So at 1 a.m., the Sunday before finals week, I pulled up Frog Jobs, a website for TCU students to find jobs and internships. I applied for a position titled “Social Media and PR Intern” for an advertising and branding agency and the next thing I knew, I was at Immotion Studios for an interview. A week later I had the job! Yay! But now what? I had no clue what to expect. Well this is what I got within the first week…

    But first, lemme get my selfie stick

    January 9th, 2015

    Written by Madi Rupp

    When the modern day selfie has taken over all forms of social media, how could someone not come up with a new way to improve the selfie? I first encountered a selfie stick when my mother (yes my mother also uses a selfie stick), sent me one in the mail as part of my birthday present in September. My parents currently reside in Seoul, South Korea, and selfie sticks are as available as counterfeit Chanel. Apparently selfie sticks are very popular in Seoul, and everyone uses them, everywhere!

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