Namaste is a simple Hindi greeting said with hands held together prayer style and a slight bow. The word translates to The God and Goodness within me honors and respects the God and the Goodness within you.

Hidden away in Fort Worth's 7th Street cultural district is Namaste, one of the best kept secrets in the Metroplex. Namaste houses ethnic folk art and vintage and antique utilitarian items from around the world. African, Tibetan and Indonesian masks, weapons and shields and complete Hill Tribe costumes are found in every available space. The authentic African, Peruvian and Asian textiles which are skillfully woven, embroidered and beaded are some of the owner's favorites. The amazing collection of Tibetan and Indonesian furniture is the perfect backdrop for whimsically painted alebrijes from Mexico and colorful telephone wire plates from South Africa. The walls show off elaborate Turkestan adornments and Hill Tribe silver jewelry which can be worn or displayed.

Each piece has a story. Owner Kimberly Pease amassed the collection over years of travel.
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