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We are an award winning, full service brand development, marketing and advertising agency. We offer a multitude of key strategic and creative services all under one roof. Our highly talented team has a diverse skill set and specialties that breathe life into every project. We are flexible, transparent and efficient. Rather than relying on multiple agencies to find solutions for the various needs of your project, we can help you control the consistency of your brand. This wide-ranging expertise gives us the flexibility to meet your needs in a time and cost effective manner while still providing the results you’ve envisioned. If you have questions about any of our services, please call us at 817-344-1965 or send an email to

Brand Development

As the only certified brand strategist firm in Texas, we provide the expert counsel, proven process, and creative marketing programs to help transform your brand into a valuable asset. We use a proprietary 8-step process that sets your brand in motion, appropriately named BrandMotion™. It is proven effective in growing businesses and brands by unearthying their innate uniqueness for the past 20 years. We can help you determine your compelling distinction, backed with proof. When you take evidence like that to the marketplace, coupled with innovative strategic marketing strategies and award winning creative, you’re bound to come out on top. To view our BrandMotion™ process click here.

Graphic Design

Our graphic design capabilities have won us several awards locally and nationally. All our creative work is based on a firm strategic foundation. Our talents and backgrounds cover the spectrum. As highlighted in our list of services, we create award-winning designs in print design, web design and packaging design. Our talented staff can uniquely and successfully design every creative touch point or marketing collateral your business has.

Web Services

We have crafted websites for our clients that are both artistic and functional. Using all of the latest tools and technology, we design visually exciting, yet practical and efficient websites. We communicate and plan with our clients to ensure that we provide a dynamic site that fully captures the essence of their business.

Package Design

For over twenty years Immotion Studios has been creating award winning packaging graphics for the retail industry. We understand the power packaging has to increase both product awareness and sales. Our talented creative team has the experience and resources needed to enhance a brand’s potential. Whether developing a package design for a new product, or re-charging an existing one, we base our design direction on proven branding process and an open and collaborative relationship with our clients.


We deliver only the finest photography that captures the essence of our client’s products. With an in-house digital photography studio, we have the creative flexibility that continually produces mouth-watering vignettes for food packaging, signage and menus. Our photography talents are not limited to food products. We also provide on-location and non-food photography to meet and exceed our client’s expectations.


Other in-house capabilities include photorealistic illustrations, technical and product illustrations for brochures and catalogs.

Video Production

We have one of the most innovative production studios in DFW with over ten years of proven success in video production. The emergence of video content in our everyday life is growing at a rapid pace. From television to web to mobile devices, the need and desire for video content has increased. Coupled with our other services, we work carefully to enhance your product’s place in today’s rapidly moving technology. From television commercials, corporate training videos, and episodic web series, we strive to create a product that rises above the typical video production.

Market Research

Our sister agency, Consumer Science, is our market research specialists. They specialize in primary consumer research, selecting from a broad range of techniques and technology to customize research that delivers you the most value.

A qualified staff of researchers and moderators provide turnkey research including study design, respondent recruitment and customized analysis and reporting. Their offerings, combining traditional interviewing techniques and the latest technology, include Intercepts, one-on-one, dyads, triads, focus groups, large sensory panels, in-home test, surveys, social media monitoring, video analytics and web analytics. 

Media Placement

Producing great creative is only half of the equation. A strategic, successful media placement can make or break a campaign. We have experience strategically planning, creating and executing successful media placements in the following outlets.

Movie Theater

Social Media

Do you know what your target audience is saying about you? Social media is a conversation that your company should be part of and we are here to help. Our knowledgeable staff will determine which social media platforms make the most sense for your company and implement the most effective social media strategy to accomplish your marketing goals. We will develop campaigns, host giveaways, and manage promoted posts to increase your company’s engagement. Your company’s voice will be accurately portrayed through daily posts and interactions. Our design team will create custom graphics to properly brand your social media pages. We will track your analytics and send you detailed reports.

Public Relations

Our strong media connections help position our clients for success. In addition to writing and distributing press releases and media advisories, our staff will pitch compelling stories directly to the media. We handle media training at our in-house video production studio so that clients are fully prepared for on-camera interviews. We are available for client consultations before every interview and provide easy-to-read prep documents to keep you and the media on the same page. Our personable staff will be by your side during interviews to calm your nerves, straighten your tie, and remind you of key points.

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